Xbox live not updating achievements

Posted by / 03-Apr-2019 21:04

Xbox live not updating achievements

As you can see, Xbox One achievements aren’t visible anywhere on the site.

This redesign is a definite improvement over the current view.In the Java Edition, a system of advancements accomplishes this instead.There are 103 achievements in the Bedrock Edition, 87 achievements in the Xbox One Edition and Nintendo Switch Edition, 93 achievements in the Xbox 360 Edition and Wii U Edition, 94 trophies in the Play Station 3 Edition and Play Station Vita Edition, 111 trophies in the Play Station 4 Edition, and 59 achievements in the New Nintendo 3DS Edition.The existing website works – for Xbox 360 and Windows achievements, but definitely looks dated as well.It looks like Microsoft took this into consideration with their redesigned achievements page.

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