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Wireless internet valadating

Each computer you want part of a wireless network will need a wireless network card installed.Some computer and hardware manufactures come with their own utility to configure the wireless network that replaces the Wireless Zero Configuration (WZC) service.The IIUM Campus Wide Wireless Network maximum can operate at 54Mbps with IEEE 802.11a or IEEE 802.11g standard. This means it depends on how many users are connected to the wireless access point.If there are many people connected to the wireless access point, the slower the connection will become. Most administration, academic offices and also mahallah is already equipped with the AP. The service officially launched on 2st January 2013 at Administrative Building at Gambang Campus. About the CFS Wireless Internet Service There are 57 access points available throughout the campus.Abstract This article describes the tools used to troubleshoot a Microsoft Windows XP or Windows Server 2003-based wireless client, a wireless access point (AP), and the Internet Authentication Service (IAS) when using Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE) 802.1X authentication for IEEE 802.11-based wireless connections.

This is the first time I have tried to attach to this internet connection from this laptop.

Once you have registered, you will be able to use the Wi Fi service.

Students have to use matric number and password to login.

This article assumes background knowledge in IEEE 802.11 wireless LAN and associated security technologies and the components of a Windows-based authentication infrastructure.

For background information, see Wireless LAN Technologies and Microsoft Windows.

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It is a secure network but I was never asked for the ID info.