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That’s exactly what happened when writer Veronica Belmont and Ryan Block called Comcast – a company notorious for bad customer service.

As you can hear from Block’s recording of the call, the customer service rep from Comcast was never going to let them go.

He went on to replace the site's creator Peter Rojas as editor-in-chief in 2007.On May 16, 2007, Block posted a leaked internal email from Apple in which it was revealed that the i Phone and Mac OS X Leopard would both be delayed.The email was later confirmed as fake by Apple PR, but it was reported that its posting by Engadget took billion off Apple's market cap.If that statistic is anything to go by, most companies are delivering poor customer service and have significant room for improvement.But while we want to learn from the best , there’s a lot to learn from the worst too.

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