Trvst dating

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Trvst dating

By now, chances are good that you will have run across many of the Westward Journey nickels in your change.

The two 2004 varieties are known as the "Peace Medal" and "Keelboat" coins.

The motto "In God We Trust" remains on the obverse above the inscription "Liberty" in script resembling Jefferson's own handwriting.

The first of the 2005 Westward Journey nickels to be released into circulation features the return of one of the most beloved motifs in American numismatics, the Bison.

Originally found only in the Billings, Montana area, this coin has remained rare and popular since its discovery, with circulated pieces selling for prices in the mid three figures.

Only time will tell whether the Extra Leaf Wisconsin Quarter varieties will remain scarce or how valuable they will be in the future.

Found predominantly in northeastern Texas and nicknamed the "Speared Bison", this coin has a prominent vertical line running through the center of the bison.Both coins' obverses feature the familiar portrait of Thomas Jefferson.The Peace Medal coin, released in early 2004, has a reverse derived from the original Indian Peace Medal given out by Lewis and Clark during their explorations to Native American chiefs.The final 2005 nickel shows a view of the Pacific Ocean in Oregon similar to that encountered by Lewis and Clark on November 7, 1805. In 2006, Jefferson and Monticello return to the nickel.Captain Clark's journal entry for that date was, "Ocean in View! The design of Monticello to be featured on the reverse is virtually identical to the one used prior to 2004, with the most notable change being the addition of designer Felix Schlag's initials to the reverse at the right base of the building -- in exactly the same location that the mintmark appeared through most of 1938-1964.

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Both PCGS and NGC grade and attribute these coins as individual varieties, and indeed NGC will encapsulate the three varieties together if you have the coins to submit.

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