Teen dating abuse hotline

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Dating violence can be physical, emotional or sexual.

Dating abuse can occur between any two teens in an intimate relationship.

The Hotline serves as the only center in the nation with access to more than 5,200 sources of help including 2,000 battered women’s shelters in the Puerto Rico and the U.

The helpline and website will operated by the National Domestic Violence Hotline.“My boyfriend terrorized me in a number of ways, but one of the most effective was through email.

Email became one of his primary methods of control, especially when my parents refused to let us speak on the phone.

About 9% of teens are the victim of physical violence from a dating partner each year, according to the CDC.

But much of the abuse that goes on between teens may not be physical, says Elizabeth Miller, MD, Ph D, a doctor at the University of Pittsburgh who focuses on teen dating violence.

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