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Speed dating outdoors

Lake Trout, Smallmouth Bass and Muskies—look for deep, clear, cold-water lakes. This latter option is called an outpost camp, which can be drive-in, boat-in or fly-in. Arrival Options How do you plan on arriving to the lodge you choose…drive-in, boat-in, fly-in? If things are tight drive in, if you have the funds and want to really experience Canada, fly in.

Finding A Match Now you’ve got an idea of what the “perfect match” looks like.

Do you live in Anchorage or the Valley, are you single ,....tired of dating sites & high pressure dating .......

If you enjoy socializing with people, then this is the Group for you.

Visit the websites of those best matching your needs, call them on the phone, talk to people who have visited…if there’s a spark, and you like everything you see and hear…take a chance.

Nothing is certain, but at least your eyes are wide open and you‘ve made an informed decision which will hopefully become a perfect match.

Before Googling, or in this case “Oogeling” there is one more stop.

Exceptional walleye fishing can be found on relatively small bodies of water if they fit this description.Northern Pike—look for the biggest bodies of water you can find.The bigger the system the better the odds for catching big pike. Lodge Setting There are two settings for lodging…multiple cabins with other anglers in camp, or a remote cabin by itself.So using these sources will eliminate a lot of people not professionally involved in their industry.From this point forward, beauty is all in the eyes of the beholder.

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