Romance dating coupons

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Romance dating coupons

Let’s see how easy it is to create your very own DIY Love coupons gift!Together with Carisa at Messes to Memories we created these gorgeous love coupons.There are 6 different bright colors and you can print and make as many as you want!

Finally, simply attach some twine and tie it off however you like!

Love coupons are one of the best ways to jazz up a romantic relationship.

You can either use them as gifts on special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries or simply to tell your loved one how much he/she means to you. One Warm Hug with two kisses thrown in Totally Free.

Twenty minutes of sheer delight while stargazing into a vast night sky. A special night of dressing up and having dinner at a fancy restaurant.

One pack of your favorite chocolates – free from all subsequent hints on weight-related matters. One evening at a football game or any other sports event of your choice.

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One carwash with a promise to fill up the gas tank - Totally Free. A Friday Dinner at your favorite ethnic restaurant.

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