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Prototype helps in validating

The answer is it’s completely variable, depending on product complexity, industry type, certification requirements, etc.Generally speaking, it can range anywhere from six months to two years to go from idea to getting the product onto store shelves.The ruggedized sensing system, which included a user-friendly interface, was also developed for sensor diagnostics and temperature monitoring in real-time on a mobile device.In the last year of the project (2018), the team successfully deployed prototype sensing systems in small commercial coal- and natural gas-fired boilers at the Virginia Tech Power Plant, thus advancing the technological maturity by validating system performance in a real environment.The Virginia Tech team designed and fabricated the state-of-the art distributed temperature sensing system using cutting-edge sensors, which were inscribed in a novel micro-structured single-crystal sapphire fiber using an advanced technique.“This type of fabrication can result in a high-performance sensor that can provide reliable multi-point temperature measurements on a single fiber,” said Mullen.

Many product developers make tremendous visual progress in the early stages, creating prototypes that look and function like the finished product leading them to feel that they have made significant progress.Many seek help during the early alpha stage as they can receive advice on what to expect in subsequent cycles.As well, it’s advantageous for newer developers to work with design partners earlier since an entire team won’t be required between subsequent product launches. Most startups seriously underestimate the amount of time and/or effort the entire exercise will take.There seems to be an expectation among new product creators that everything will go right the first time.

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Numerous technical achievements for sapphire fiber and sensing technology were also marked during performance of this project, many of which represented the first time such milestones had ever been achieved.