Problem updating iphone 3g to 4 2

Posted by / 06-May-2019 11:42

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But more likely, there is an issue somewhere with a setting on particular devices that are impacted, whether there’s some lingering old configuration or stale data cache, or some other issue behind the scenes that can be easily remedied with a reboot or network settings reset.

The rest is easy to do, here’s how: Try using the cellular network now, it should work.

Bonus tip for Sprint users: for Sprint i Phones, you can do a different network settings reset specific to Spring specific network settings by dialing ##72786# then tapping on ‘ok’ at the various prompts to reset network settings and eventually restart the device.

If this works, great, though it’s not entirely clear why it would.

Airplane mode can serve as a DNS cache reset in i OS so perhaps that mechanism is in play here, though DNS issues would be more likely to cause timeouts and errors when accessing services, rather than no cellular service at all.

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Apple is officially leaving the i Phone 3G behind to run i OS 4.2.1 firmware forever.

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