Pagdating ng mga kanluranin sa asya

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I have four kids and my husband only works in the field. Saturdays and Sundays are just the remaining time for my family to go elsewhere, and bind together in our small Pentecostal church.” Gemma humbly replies.

She thinks that sometimes aspiring in higher rank with higher compensation could create deviation in the academe.

When the first part was posted, most of the comments from the readers are they excited in the next chapter.Gemma should do the other way, this time she should be learning from the students.When Gemma started writing original stories and tried to post on FB, she has received a lot of positive comments from the social media users and they shared her works.Some of the senators have read the stories written by Gemma and immediately they considered and probed the recent conditions and compensations of teachers and found out that It was like fiesta at Sta. At the evening, when she was about to rest and take a long nap, she closed her eyes and say a little prayer and said “Dear God, thank you that despite of my infirmities and imperfectness you made me a teacher like you.Cruz High School when a reporter from a well-known Television came to interview Gemma about her trendingpost. I put empathy in my writings because I knew the feelings of being neglected and nothing. It may not be the best and highest remunerated job in the world but I hope in my diminutive skills, empathy for children to learn and for unceasingly loving this mission, which you have bestowed upon my hands, every day, I will continue to write stories through the lives of my children.

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A cool breeze of December and a scent of Christmas have been twittering around the soundless village when Gemma woke up as early as three o’clock in the morning.