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They haven't had much of a need, as they are typically surrounded by other young, single people, whether at work or school, said Aaron Smith, associate research director with the Pew Research Center.

Tinder and rivals such as Hinge are changing the dynamics, and young adults are using online dating in greater numbers than any other age group these days. population is surveyed, including people who are already coupled.

Pew's survey shows that some older adults are also more interested in online dating. Pew's Smith said they probably feel more comfortable with the idea of finding a partner on the Internet as they hear about successful matches from friends and relatives. "That's my biggest impression of what's going on today.

Online dating is now hip with young adults, but not always for dating.

But he said he wouldn't use Tinder to find a significant other, because he believes it's harder to trust people you meet on the app.

Others describe Tinder as convenient and fun, and possibly a route to a relationship—but there are obstacles.

Mobile dating apps such as Tinder incorporate fun elements and are dead simple to use.

That's luring adults ages 18 to 24, who traditionally haven't been big online daters because they are already surrounded by lots of other young, single people.

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