National guard rules about dating

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What follows is a recent question we received from a reader who is thinking about joining the Guard or Reserves (branch to be determined).Hello Ryan, I am interested in potentially joining the military (Air Force or Marines), likely in a National Guard or Reserve capacity.

Some bases may schedule everyone to serve their AT days at the same time and location.For more information, please see our Advertising Policy If you have heard of the National Guard or the Reserves, you have probably heard the phrase, “One Weekend a Month, Two weeks a Year.” Perhaps you saw it on a billboard or TV advertisement.Maybe you heard it from a recruiter, or while you were on active duty.These two weeks can be done either individually, or as a partial or full unit, depending on how the base or unit schedules the training.The weekend drill assemblies are generally served at your unit.

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This is why serving in the Guard or Reserves is often referred to as “serving closer to home.” Of course, this is relative, as you may have a commute to your unit (in some cases you may be eligible for travel reimbursement).

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