Moonlight dating sim 2 game Sex hook up kenya

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Moonlight dating sim 2 game

do you know if she's still working on anything, or if she even makes games like this anymore?

i saw on her tumblr that the last time she posted anything was three years ago (;_;)Yes I loved her games!

I mean, I played Harvest Moon so technically it might be HM that has that spot, but when I was on some random flash site and played Festival Days that got me really into the whole dating sim stuff.

Degrees of Lewdity A very lewd text based sex adventure game.I also remember she had another story with that yellow thing (if I recall, we never knew i agree with you in saying that they seem pretty simple looking back on them now.i'd say the otome scene has come quite a long way since then!I remember my favorite was Lunar Days (Sky was Best Boy™).I think I might take a walk down memory lane and replay a couple of these. Pacthesis was probably what made me discover otomes as a whole!

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