Monodevelop error updating objective c type information Ebony sex hook up

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Monodevelop error updating objective c type information

We don't have to translate everything into Japanese. I actually prefer previous version with space, because 1) there is no word 構成プラットフォーム, and 2) it is about "Platform part of Project Configuration" and there is another part "Name (part of -)" (which I translated as "構成名" which I think "構成 名前" is actually good). Let's not make unnecessary changes and make revision history dirty, based on your personal preference, if that applies. Again, we don't appreciate changes that does not make sense, if that's the case. Because "指定のバージョン" can be understood as "Specified version" or "Version of indication" while the latter (wrong) never happens with "指定バージョン". When a user see this, the user could notice that either 1) the file is just not there, or 2) the explicit path specification in .csproj could be extraneous (so that the user should just remove specific path or version). Projects/Project Reference.cs:17 msgid "Incompatible target framework ()" -msgstr "互換性の無い対象フレームワークです()" msgstr "対象のフレームワーク()には互換性がありません" This change doesn't make sense to me.

MD1/MD1Dot Net Project Handler.cs:16 msgid "Unable to build Resource Id for ." -msgstr " のリソースIDがビルドできません" msgstr " のリソースIDがビルドできません。" ditto.

MD1/MD1Dot Net Project Handler.cs:18 msgid "Unable to find 'resgen' tool." -msgstr "'resgen' ツールが見つかりません" msgstr "'resgen' ツールが見つかりません。" ditto.

MD1/MD1File Format.cs:21 msgid "Loading workspace item: " -msgstr "ワークスペース項目をロードしています: " msgstr "ワークスペース項目を読み込んでいます: " #: ../src/core/Mono Develop.

String default Language) [0x0026c] in /Users/builder/data/lanes/monodevelop-mac-3.0.1/6642975f/source/monodevelop/main/src/core/Mono Develop.

Project Create Information project Create Information, System. Templates/Solution Descriptor.cs:162 at Mono Develop.

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It would be very useful if one could successfully combine the monotouch / monoforandroid SDK with the ESRI mobile SDK for both environments and I was wondering if anyone had tried or used this approach to simplify development?

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