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Letting them have sex in your house may seem sensible, but in the eyes of the law you are aiding and abetting a crime.

Even though he had been pushing us away, we are close.

Finally, boys and girls need to be clear on consent. He and Ellie know they can be together in our house, and she stays over. I suspect she isn’t thrilled but recognises they genuinely like each other. It’s not as simple as just letting him do what he wants.

There’s a fantastic You Tube video that explains consent clearly and unequivocally, called Tea And Consent. It’s not a moral issue or about us weakly wanting to be his friend.

Not something I’d envisaged myself doing for my 15-year-old. It’s not that I think he’d do anything his girlfriend was not happy with, but why not provide him with facts I didn’t know until my mid-twenties, that make sex better for both parties?

We suggested he discuss contraception with Ellie, emphasising safety and what to do if the condom split. I told him sex isn’t just about the male orgasm and explained, broadly, what can help women orgasm.

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A google search pops up a fresh, overloading conversation.