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Laws dating minors connecticut

Applying for a change of name in Connecticut is accomplished through the filing of a Petition for Change of Name.

The petition can be submitted to both the probate court or the superior court.

The individual may instead use their divorce decree or marriage license as proof that their name has changed.

Laws – § 45a-99 If you would like to change your last name after marriage, you can simply begin to use the new name as soon as you are legally married.

Next, go to a local DMV or AAA office location and provide them with the following: A fee will be required upon submission of your documents.If the court approves the applicant’s request, the individual may begin to use the new name and will be allowed to update their personal accounts and identification documents to reflect the change.If the purpose of the request is to revert back to a former name after a divorce, or to assume a spouse’s last name after marriage, there is no need to file the standard Connecticut name change forms.This fee can be paid by cash, credit card, money order, or check.Checks should be made payable to the “Treasurer, State of Connecticut.” If you cannot afford the filing fee, you can ask to be exempt by submitting a Request/Order Waiver of Fees – Petitioner to a court clerk.

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Next, you will need to fill out the Affidavit Re Change of Name (Adult).