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She is a family law attorney now, which I thought was super cool.

It looks like she earned her Juris Doctor From Fordham University in 2015 and received the Archibald R.

It looks like he may also be in an upcoming independent dance short film, The Accompanist.

Top 18Faina Savich- Actually have been excited to post this one since I had looked her up in an effort to find info on her brother for my previous post.

Murray Public Service Award for being involved in pro bono/community work during her time as a student.

I think she did do some professional dancing post-SYTYCD but honestly the lawyer stuff was more interesting. Jimmy Arguello- Post being eliminated over Cedric, Jimmy has gone on to perform on screen (DWTS, various awards shows) and in numerous stage productions, including Rock of Ages, as an assistant choreographer and a dance captain for Jai Ho World Tour with A. Rahman (this guy is super famous for people who aren't familiar).

It was like the pinnacle of the of weird Tumblr/internet culture from 2008 that I was so into as a teenager and regret deeply as an adult. Cedric Gardner- Oh Cedric, at the time of his elimination, he was probably the most hated contestant of all time.

Currently she is a teacher at Xtreme Force Dance Company in CA, but before that she worked with Justin Giles and Tessandra Chavez and has been a guest choreographer and teacher around the U. I actually just really felt badly for him and at this time I would like to give him props for his solos.

Real talk though everyone on IDF used to say that Jessi was the reason they started requiring psych evaluations to go on the show, so was there more to the dehydration story and her persistent crush on Pasha???Part of her bio notes that she started her studio after struggling with depression and coming out to her family and was searching for a deeper spiritual connection.In her personal life, she seems to have gotten married earlier this year and was recently chosen for jury duty.According to Instagram, she co-owns the The Mystic Rebel Healing Collective in LA where she teaches stoned yoga (yes, like stoned, stoned), wellness, and meditation.Before this, she was in Bette Midler's Vegas show and performed in music videos with Robin Thicke and Ricky Martin.

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And now I present the contestants from the season that split Idolforums, started the FG/BQ War, brought you questionable racial comments, actual slapfights, 10 identical anti-war solos, and may just have been the season to prompt mandatory psych checks.