Is alfredo flores dating ashley cook

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Is alfredo flores dating ashley cook

Erika Lauren Wasilewski 21 – Chicago, IL In her audition tape she describes herself as, “a little crazy, and a lot of rock and roll.” We also heard her sing- which I think is good but not great.In the first episode we saw her rock and roll side and her love for rock and roll people- like Josh.Party organizers Elizabethany and Chris Wiggins were pleased to see the small downtown bar packed with fans.It was really interesting to see the cast react to their first glimpses of themselves on television.Like Callie she comes across as quiet but she conveys this real down to earth attitude that makes her one of the cooler heads in the house.Drama level: Low – I don’t think she’s going to be starting any fights but she’s already shown a liking to token hot black guy Ty.The first episode succeeded in introducing us to this year’s slate of characters- but the jury is still out on if Real World DC will be a a stand-out amongst forgettable season in recent years or a feeble attempt to go against the Jersey Shore standard reality drama.

Drama level: High – She has all the makings to start or get involved with every situation in the house.

I caught the first episode at the Metromix Premiere Party over at Black Finn.

There I met up with Suburban Sweetheart and Emily Goodstein and watched the first episode with members cast and other members of the media.

After talking with the cast in earlier, it looked as if this latest season of The Real World is going to attempt to go back to its roots of less hot tub, more issues. The show introduces us to eight strangers who say the right things (Ty: “I’m one of those people that wants to put their foot in every door.”) but reveals themselves with typical reality show ambitions.

This is Washington DC- where people greet each other with a handshake and political affiliation; wouldn’t a DC reality show be all about the serious issues of our Nation’s capital? Cast member Erica can be seen in an interview talking about expanding her music career and Andrew’s top goal in DC: get laid.

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His main objective on the show is to get laid, a very noble goal for someone on The Real World, however we’ve already seen his game and while the cast members brush it off as lame I think he has a good chance to get women with the whole funny guy/complete geek act he has going as he doesn’t go overboard with it. Drama level: Low – He’ll walk around DC in that Panda hat, try and make funny jokes, and perhaps say something inappropriate to a cast member or woman- but he’s a wannabe lover- not a fighter.

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