Irani seks

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Irani seks

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In bakeries across Iran, men and women must stand in separate lines when buying bread. Men are required to get on and off through the front door, while the back section and back doors are intended for women.

However, women may also fulfill the government requirements for modest dress by wearing a combination of a headscarf and manteau. Like women, men are not allowed to exhibit their legs or upper torso.

Although wearing ties or bow-ties is not prohibited, since they are considered signs of western influence, they are not acceptable as an official norm. Some concerts have been canceled in Iran because of mixed-gender seating during performance.

In 1996, the Penal Law was reformed and the punishment of bad hijabi was reduced to prison (from ten days to four months) and/or a fine (from 50,000 to 500000 Rials).

More than Iran's enemies need artillery, guns and so forth, they need to spread their anti-culture that leads to moral corruption.

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Men are prohibited to study in Obstetrics and Gynecology since Masoud Pezeshkian became Minister of Health and then.

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