How to hack online dating sites

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this June and drew upon a self-evident fact: Regardless of whether we're talking marketing or dating, we are living in the age of big data.Marketers have it, companies like Tinder and OKCupid collect it, too--so then why not put all this information to good use and derive some actionable tips on it?Members answer droves of multiple-choice survey questions on everything from politics, religion, and family to love, sex, and smartphones.On average, respondents select 350 questions from a pool of thousands—“Which of the following is most likely to draw you to a movie? " For each, the user records an answer, specifies which responses they'd find acceptable in a mate, and rates how important the question is to them on a five-point scale from "irrelevant" to "mandatory." Ok Cupid's matching engine uses that data to calculate a couple's compatibility.In online marketing, trying hard to figure out the end-user experience will work just about as effectively as throwing cooked pasta against a wall. Instead of playing the guessing game, which often backfires, include user surveys on your site, try some SEO, and run A/B tests.Similarly, in online dating, it turns out that playing against traditional gender stereotypes is more likely to get you a date.

It was 3 in the morn­ing, the optimal time to squeeze cycles out of the supercomputer in Colorado that he was using for his Ph D dissertation.In online marketing there's such a thing as black hat (i.e. Takeaway: Don't over-embellish your profile just to make yourself look good, but do get out there and do fun stuff like yoga or surfing.You know the (sadly, scientifically proven) cliche: people will decide whether or not you're attractive in 3 seconds.Here are the top words by attractiveness: Most online dating sites these days don't encourage meeting someone you met online in person right off the bat.Similarly, for safety and privacy concerns, it's not a good idea to list your personal email, IM handles, or phone number on a dating platform either.

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If you get into trouble, their brand will suffer, so the best ones out there try to help you minimize risk. Check out the graph below, which shows what words men and women find attractive.

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