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our God, Ruler of the universe, Creator of joy and gladness, friends and lovers, love and kinship, peace and friendship.O God, may there always be heard in the cities of Israel and in the streets of Jerusalem: the sounds of joy and happiness, the voice of loving couples, the shouts of young people celebrating, and the songs of children at play.Lastly, there is a mystical teaching that the bride, in circling seven times, enters seven spheres of her husband's innermost being.One explanation for the basis of circling three times is based on the three times in Hosea -22 when God, in reassuring Israel, "says": "and I will betroth you unto Me." Another refers to a woman's three basic rights in marriage: food, clothing, and sex.The processional may include the groom's parents escorting him to the chuppah followed by the bride's parents doing the same with their daughter.Alternately, the two fathers may escort the groom, while the two mothers escort the bride.At this point the rabbi or cantor offers words of welcome and thanksgiving, often Psalm 1: "Blessed are you who come in the name of " and Psalm 100, which expresses thanks to and praise for God.The officiant also may recite these words to a medieval hymn: "May the One who is mighty and blessed above all bless the groom and the bride." The custom of the bride circling the groom (generally seven times, but sometimes only three) is a part of many modern weddings.

It is believed that each time two people fall in love and marry, the world comes that much closer to perfection.

It is an island of privacy and peace before the public celebration begins.

I have been intrigued by the history and symbolism behind jewelry for even longer than I have been making it. Since ancient Egypt rings have been know to be the most intimate pieces that we wear.

The first part of the wedding ceremony also generally includes a blessing over wine, the (the seven blessings), one of the most important elements of a Jewish wedding.

The traditional blessings build in complexity, becoming more expansive in content and theme.

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Some rings strictly marked the legal contract of marriage, while others were clearly crafted in the name of true love.

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