Dating your love com

Posted by / 31-Aug-2019 00:25

Dating your love com

If you pay for any additional services or click on ads that appear in the app, you are also giving away your financial information, which is collected by tracking technologies.

In addition, if the connection is insecure, we can also capture which data points are being shared.

The data is retained on the company servers for months, or in the case of Tinder, “as long as we need it for legitimate business purposes”.

In October 2011, an investigation run by Jonathan Mayer, a Ph. candidate in computer science at Stanford University, revealed that Ok Cupid was selling users’ information about drug and alcohol abuse.

For example, Tinder makes all encrypted requests over HTTPS, except to serve images.

This means that someone monitoring network traffic can see the photos of all the Tinder profiles someone is viewing on the network or even introduce false pictures to the user’s feed.

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