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Dating the enemy 1996

Tash is a serious, highly intelligent science journalist while hunky Brett hosts a music video show on an MTV-like network.

Both gain a lot more understanding when something magical happens and they find that they have switched bodies.

I think if I ever decided to stop being an actor, I'd probably concentrate on my music.

I write quite a bit now, and it's so much more personal, more expressive.

After Priscilla's success, Guy was signed to the mega-powerful ICM talent agency in Hollywood, and has had "brief, concentrated bursts" in Los Angeles, for casting talks.

After LA Confidential, he was offered another film, "but I knocked that back as it didn't feel the right thing to do...

I sort of go in, hit hard and get out of there." But for long term plans, Guy is singularly empty handed: "I always feel I should have a ready answer for that question...

After a shaky, nervous two weeks in rehearsals, Guy and Claudia welded as actors.

"I had to be talked into doing it," Guy admits, "so I was always on the edge, feeling I couldn't do it.

The relationship had been unstable for a while, and it finally broke.

"It was what needed to happen, but I just felt sort of flushed out, empty..I remembered, while lying on my bed bawling my eyes out, that I was supposed to get on a plane the next morning to Sydney and do this audition for Dating the Enemy and be funny." He felt like doing nothing of the sort. He didn't play it for laughs, but that was just the right thing to do.

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I like to just go there for a short time, I don't think I could live there.

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