Dating short girls understanding seducing dating men

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Eventually, she’ll get tired of dragging a chair over and your laughing, and the only time you’ll be aggravated with her needing help is during football season.

If you’ve ever dated a girl as tall as yourself, you know what I’m talking about. And if she lands some good body shots, you can hold her away with one hand. And when I’m gone, my Ford truck is a temptation for any short girl.

As a result men might be somewhat intimidated by tall women, even though they would never admit it. Short women may seem more proportionate than taller women simply because the proportions are different.

Men don't really care about actual size; they only care about what they can see; if they see something they like, nothing else matters. You may know that society considers it normal for a man to date women shorter than him.

You will choose a partner who will satisfy these needs, even though you may not be consciously aware of them.

Men might be looking for short girls because in the moment they tower over them, they instantly feel more powerful.

One of my best friend’s moms is the shortest person I know — she’s not even 5 feet tall.

When it comes to women, I’m not really super picky.

Nonetheless, hugging won't be the primary criteria when looking for a new partner. Men just love carrying their girlfriends, which is a lot easier if they don't weigh 200 pounds (not that taller women would be heavy).

If their girlfriend is short and relatively light, men can pick them up anytime they like, so it will be just like having their own doll to play with. Since men feel manlier around short girls that they can protect, their manliness might be threatened by taller girls who can take care of themselves and who don't need protection.

However, the shorter girls might find themselves pushed around by others, so they do need someone on their side. Most probably you did, but still, doesn't it feel better to hug a shorter person?

It does for men and this is why some of them prefer short girls.

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As a matter of fact, men themselves don't even know why they like short women.