Dating reptialian women

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Dating reptialian women

The more severe kinds of after effects have been reported, when, for example, the love bite partner was in actuality a practicing black magician, sorcerer or “reptilian host”.

When this occurs, I believe the love connection was intentioned as a strategic orchestration by the “vampiric attached entity” or sorcerer themselves because they seek to feed off of your energy.

When ones energy centers are blown open this way, there can be positive side effects, such as kundalini rising, blissful energy in various parts of the body.

One may experience expanded psychic awareness, love and other emotions. There can also be unpleasant emotional lability and a triggering of all ones inner psychological wounds all at the same time.

And when ones energy centers are exuding all this bliss kundalini energy it can also attract other beings in your life.

It’s actually quite amazing what people have reported to me about how magical things happen once their energy centers are open with more energy flowing and especially love.

I don’t like to hide things and I like everything to be out in the open.

"I don't think so," she told AAP when asked if she thought the nude photo publicity would hurt her chances.The drama of the love obsession seems to be proportional to the degree of how ones energy centers were melded and opened up, creating lots of bliss as if we were one soul.Our level of earlier emotional childhood wounding can also exacerbate the vulnerability we have for getting into such a love bite.It is like an addiction that we grasp onto because having a connection like this is unlike any other.Barbara Bartholic, (See: my early mentor in my alien abduction research days, used to call this the “love drug” effect.

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