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Owner Dustin Palmisano, who took over the restaurant six years ago after being a waiter there, posted to Facebook on February 12 that the cafe’s run was over, racking up over 200 comments lamenting the loss.The episode of Gordon Ramsay’s show featuring The Old Coffee Pot aired last June, garnering attention for a clip of Ramsay finding a dead mouse in a toaster.As an example we'll try to verify the authenticity of one of the most important pieces of my collection: an English George II Coffee pot dating 1745.

But drinking hours-old coffee isn't dangerous, even if it might make baristas shudder.

Ah, the age-old question: Is it okay to drink leftover coffee?

Most regular coffee pots are way too big for one person to drink one morning alone, so it's bound to come up.

One study even found that women who drank three cups of coffee per day were 19 percent less likely to get endometrial cancer than those who drank under a cup.

But when does a freshly brewed cup need to be the source of coffee's antioxidant powers, and when will an eight-hour-old pot do? If you've already added milk and left the coffee out on the counter, you're out of luck.

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Coffee collectibles range from antique grinders and mills to vintage percolators and pots to signs and tins advertising brands such as Chase & Sanborn, Fat Boy, and Luzianne. Coffee grinders in the 19th century ranged from box-type...

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