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Even though you might have a mad crush on him and get all squirmy when he comes near you, if you feel like you can really be yourself and you don’t have to hide your personality around him, you should definitely tell him you like him. There’s nothing worse than confessing your deep feelings for someone and having them laugh in your face because they think you’re joking. If you have any reservations they might think you’re joking or ignore the whole thing completely, wait until the time is right.

This is a rarity—finding someone who you like and can be 100% yourself around isn’t something that happens every day. [Read: The right way to ask a guy out like a classy girl] #7 Your futures are in sync.

Why would you want to waste any more time concealing all those feelings? Because your feelings got the better of you and you couldn’t handle it? If this is the case with your new guy, you need to tell him.

Less than two minutes later I got a notification from Facebook that he had unfriended me.

Having support makes it a lot easier and shows the two of you would make a great match.

[Read: 9 sneaky ways to use your friends and get a guy to ask you out] #9 You know him better than most.

We exchanged a few messages and eventually started to text with the idea being that we would go on a date the following Saturday (dinner and ice skating, aww).

We really seemed to click and we even talked on the phone a few times, once for over two hours.

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