Dating jealous guy

Posted by / 30-Aug-2019 19:26

Logically speaking, jealous men love themselves through their women. Jealous men use women as means to achieve their goals.To be ethical, one must allow another person to decide individually for himself/herself. This is impossible because to love a woman means to allow her to act as she wants.

However, even though paradoxically it proves they care and love women, rejecting women’s freedom shows that jealous men are egoistic and, in fact, love themselves and not their women. If a woman wants to be with another man, it means there’s no love present.

Historical reference to the patriarchic age might help understand why most men can be jealous.

Patriarchic age is one of the causes of jealousy in men.

If your man doesn’t have many friends, but has many stories about why all his friendships ended, he is probably just not a very trusting or forgiving person in general. They aren’t fans of you going out with others often because, well, they don’t have anybody else to go out with themselves.

He analyzes everyone After a double date with friends, or just a night out in a group, your guy has something on his mind.

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wiki How is a “wiki,” similar to Wikipedia, which means that many of our articles are co-written by multiple authors. Read a book, write something on a paper (even if it is just you writing you are excited he is staring at you! Striking up a conversation is probably the best option if you want to make him jealous, especially if your neighbor is cute.