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Prostitution is sexual harassment, sexual exploitation, often worse.His payment does not erase what we know about sexual violence, domestic violence and rape.Women, men, children, and the transgendered in prostitution should not be arrested. Let's get to the facts, not the myths, about legal prostitution.There is lots of evidence about the negative consequences of legal and decriminalised prostitution.This understanding of the realities of prostitution by the john and the woman he buys is at odds with the notion of prostitution as slightly unpleasant labour that should be legalised.

In one Dutch study, 60 per cent of women in legal prostitution were physically assaulted, 70 per cent were threatened with physical assault, 40 per cent experienced sexual violence and 40 per cent had been coerced into legal prostitution.

In nine countries, we found that 68 per cent of women, men and transgendered people in prostitution had post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), a prevalence that is comparable to that of battered or raped women seeking help, and survivors of state-sponsored torture.

Across widely varying cultures on five continents the traumatic consequences of prostitution were similar whether prostitution was legal, tolerated, or illegal.

Those women most often are poor and most often are racially marginalised.

This neocolonial economic perspective is enshrined in a Canadian prostitution tourist's comment about women in Thai prostitution: This john-sympathetic economic Darwinism avoids the question: Do all women have the right to live without the sexual harassment or sexual exploitation of prostitution or is that right reserved only for those who have sex, race or class privilege?

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The men who most frequently used women in prostitution were the most likely to have committed sexually aggressive acts against non-prostituting women.

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