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Lastly, be adventurous and go hiking on one of the many trails.Being in the outdoors is a great way to break the ice and make a real connection.Waimea Bay Beach Park is a good place to catch some big wave surfing in the winter, and have a stroll in summer.If you would rather head to a café, specializing in locally grown coffee Kona Coffee Purveyors make an impressive cuppa.

To simplify the challenges of dating, Elite Singles created the formula to help you meet your match, taking the most important factors in a compatible partner into account, such as location, goals and values.The final step in the process is getting ready for your first date, and we have some great tips for your Hawaii dating experience below…The first date can be a make or break moment, and a relaxed setting is a good way to create the right atmosphere.Elite Singles are experts in the art of matchmaking and are here to help.If you’re ready to find love again, let’s see how Elite Singles can kick-start that journey today…

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