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Dating alternate local extreme

Baidu is the search engine of choice for around 77% of China’s internet market.

Though its dominance can be seen to fluctuate – thanks to fierce competition from other domestic rivals such as Shenma and Haosou.

For instance, during a breaking news event, tweets from people in the vicinity are likely to be the quickest up-to-the-second updates of what’s going on before initial news sites and Google’s algorithms catch up.

You can see this ‘First For News’ authority being something the service is increasingly exploring.

On average, 45 searches are needed to make a single tree. We have covered Duck Duck Go extensively in the past and the engine is still going strong.

Its USP is simple: it doesn’t collect, store, or pass on any personal information about its users.

Googling is – perhaps surprisingly for such a quick innocuous activity – a formidable Co2 producer.Continuing in the spirit of accessible content, Internet Archive (often known by its URL, is a vast collection of documented material – including music, books, video, educational texts, and more.It is also home to the endlessly fascinating Wayback Machine, a tool which has been taking snapshots of the internet since the 90s.The search engine is available in English and Cyrillic and incorporates social logins.And if users choose to use Yandex Disk – its cloud storage service – it is easy to search your files right from the search bar.

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On the flipside though, the service is noted for its censorship of certain images and blocking of pro-democracy websites – to the extent that might seem quite extreme to searchers who are used to Google. More than 53% of Russian search engine users favour Yandex.