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Dating advice for young women

Because, as women who have already played the game when we were young, we want to save our daughters from the heartbreak and perils of dating, and they want us to butt the @$&! See, imparting wisdom is just what we do as moms, because there’s much we need our daughters to know and remember and do.

And even though we wish they’d just let us ride shotgun on every date and be part of every relationship decision, that’s straight up never gonna happen.

Add your own advice and the opinions of the people you trust and then just keep talking.

Because the sooner you start the dialogue, the better equipped your girls will be to handle themselves when they’re out on their own.

They’re more established in terms of their career, finances, etc.

Sometimes it’s because they think that dating an older guy is somehow “wrong” or “weird”. They see this older, experienced guy who has his life together and they wonder “why would a guy like that want to date someone like me?

” In either case the way to overcome this resistance is to hold firm in your belief that the age difference between the two of you is no big deal.

Even if she thinks it’s awkward at first – or if her friends try and tell her the age gap is too much – hold strong to the belief that it’s perfectly okay.

This makes it possible for her to follow your lead and adopt that same view.

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Wearing different clothes or taking her to places you don’t like (because that’s where “people her age go”) just puts you in a position where you’ll look and feel both uncomfortable and out-of-place.

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