Dating a friend from childhood

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Dating a friend from childhood

It began to unravel and, battle-weary from years of petty skirmishes and resentments, we let it go. Untold songs, films and childhood moments remind me of her, and I’m haunted by jokes only she would get, comments only she would make. But there’s no going back – we wanted different things from a friendship that wasn’t strong enough to provide them. To my childhood best friend, You’ve been in my life for as long as I can remember.

I’m not proud of my possessive streak, but that combined with her wilful disregard of it meant we struggled with boundaries.We can sit in silence and just enjoy each other’s company.We can talk for hours without being interrupted by the outside world.We can fight like crazy and make up two seconds later. We have grown up together and, sometimes, we have disagreed.We may not have the same faith life, and don’t you dare bring up politics.

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Her house became a second home, and her parents were the only adults aside from my own mum and dad who I felt truly comfortable around.