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The seeds sown, which fell on good ground produced a harvest: “…some an hundredfold, some sixtyfold, some thirtyfold” (Matthew 13:8). ” The question then is, at what level are you “bringing forth”; reproducing souls for the Kingdom?

Are you still at the same “thirty-fold” level of soul winning that you were when you initially gave your heart to Christ? In other words, be all out for the Gospel as though it depended on you alone to reach the whole world.

This is why dating internationally is actually cheaper than local dating! She fiercely believes in fate, stars, Kabbalah and probably some other strange things.

) Finally, our hero identified 8 types of women in the age category 45-55 years old (his target category) on Ukrainian dating sites for locals. Those who were too shy while young but after marrying for the first time got all sociable and easy-going.

That’s the right attitude you must have for the Gospel.

She just runs around the house controlling everything and everybody. She works, buys groceries, sometimes takes walks or goes out. Is finding the love of your life online just a matter of luck? According to psychologist Vladislava Sorokopudova, it depends on the person, his maturity and communication skills.At first he was trying to connect with “matches” automatically selected by the software program on the site.But on the first 2 sites one would have to pay to “lift” his profile to the top of search results.Therefore, set personal targets for the number of souls to win for Christ and do it.It’s like what we read in the parable of the sower; Jesus said, “…A sower went out to sow” (Matthew 13:3 NKJV).

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