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Apply a coat of Bond Acryl by brush and immediately lay in the Jointfill with a trowel. Mixing - mix with water to form a smooth, stiff mortar.

Mixing - this filler/adhesive consists of two soft, creamy materials, which can optionally be gunned onto a mixing board to give a perfect mix ratio. There is no shrinkage and it is totally waterproof.

Fitting - drill holes at least 40mm deep if you want to flush fit the Injector. After injection the Injector can be knocked in further, drilled out or left exposed - fill over using Epoxy Putty, or insert our Plastic Plugs to give a flush finish.

Injecting - for injecting liquid and Thixotropic Epoxies, such as Epoxy Primer or Thixotropic Injection Resin, into small holes in order to fill fine cracks or hollow sections behind cracked plaster, render or tanking Uses - Epoxy Primer should always be used before applying Mouldable Epoxy Putty onto smooth timber, planed timber, hardwoods, stone, brick, concrete or render.

Full investigation to see exactly what a repair will need. Including: Cutting and shaping to fit in new pieces. If the rot isn’t bad this might be the only step you need! I’m a convert to linseed oil based paints so I’ll do my best to convert you as well although I do cover the usual paints as well.

Including: Deciding what to cut away and what to leave, Tips on stripping off old paint, so you can see what needs doing. Please join us on Facebook for all the latest i Do Stuff updates and over on the blog to leave or read comments and suggestions from others who might be interested in just the same subjects.

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It’s always best to to use a moisture meter to verify wood is dry.

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