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I have checked permissions for the folder and Application, they are OK. Cancel = True End Try End Sub as a result deletes nothing.While an ODS may be nice for those afraid of code, I prefer to do my complex operations the old school way in the code behind page. i've been off programming in rails for the last year.

Hi Everyone, I am having a massive issue trying to get custom data into my DV. I created a Item Updating mode to handle the item update. I create a USER and EMAILUSER class and populated them with their corresponding attributes.I have tried two ways to retrieve the new values as you can see from this shortened version of the Item Updating event (and both return the old ones) :- Protected Sub Details View1_Item Updating(By Val sender As Object, By Val e As System. Details View Update Event Args) Handles Details View1. Find Control("txt Password"), Text Box) Struct_Student.password = txt Password. File Name Dim Full Pathed File As String = My Path & f Name Try If fu. Old Values("Kurum Logo Path") Dim new Name As String = e. Old Values("Kurum Logo Path") End If Catch ex As Exception Response. I have googled, binged, yahooed, trialed & errored with no success.

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Best Regards,__________________________________________________Sincerely, Rex Lin Microsoft Onlin... Details View updating -- New Values empty in Item Updating, Item Updated not called Hi, I'm having trouble updating data using Details View. I dont know how to wrie an event_handler ,specifically, for... How does Visual Studio create equivalents of the datagrid's and gridview's columns and rows?

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