Approaches to accommodating changes in capacity using technology

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According to Lean philosophy, value is defined from the customer’s orientation, meaning that valuable products and services are those that contribute to a customer’s experience and needs and that can be provided to the customer at the right time and for the right price, all as defined by the customer (Womack et al., 2005).Correspondingly, waste is anything that does not add customer-defined BOX 3-1 Systems Strategies Deming Wheel or Plan-Do-Study-Act (PDSA) is a systematic series of steps for continuous improvement of a product or process.Human factors engineering works to ensure the safety, effectiveness, and ease of use of various technological designs by explicitly taking into account human strengths and limitations in interactions with complex systems.Lean is an integrated socio-technical systems approach and is derived from the Toyota Production System.

Theory of constraints is a management paradigm used in complex systems to identify the most important limiting factors (constraints) in order to improve the performance of the system.

Box 3-1 provides examples of systems strategies that originated in industry.

The following sections further describe certain systems strategies that have been more widely applied to improve health care operations and performance.

It documents in great detail every step of each process in a flow diagram, and it provides a visual portrayal of the many intricate details, sequences of workflow, and interdependencies in a process, which makes it possible to more easily identify problems and inefficiencies.

As such, value stream mapping facilitates identifying activities that contribute value or waste or that are in need of improvement.

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That is, it requires systems strategies and approaches.