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Developed by Atlus and released on July 2008, Persona 4 has since gotten an enhanced port to PSVita under the title Persona 4 Golden, two anime adaptations, several manga adaptations, two fighting games-based sequels, and even a rhythm game.

Narukami Yu, the main character of Persona 4 The Animation, is a silent protagonist in the game whose personality really depends on whichever answer we pick as a player.

Yes, that means enjoying the prospect of dating Suoh Mikoto, Isana Yashiro, and even Munakata Reishi.

The best part about this game for people who are into the K Project franchise and have watched the anime, is that everyone is alive. No, we won’t be hurt by Totsuka Tatara’s death, or anyone else’s.

The game consists of three volumes, following the story of Haseo, an Adept Rogue, who chases after Tri-Edge after he killed Haseo’s friend, Shino, and sent her into a coma in the real world.

In doing so, Haseo is defeated and reset back to level one, but in return discovers the ability to summon a being called Skeith, and slowly unveils the mystery of an organization known as G.

Regardless of consoles, games oftentimes go hand-in-hand with anime adaptations—or the opposite, games are sometimes adaptations from a very popular anime series.

Nowadays, it’s rather impossible to get into the culture of anime without also touching games; even if one isn’t an avid gamer.

This is the game of your dream—perhaps when you were still a little girl, perhaps even now.Or games based on anime series that ensnared not only male viewers but also female viewers’ attention?Below are ten titles we have picked out that might tickle female readers’ curiosity—some of which you probably have or are playing currently!The Atelier series are designed for female audience—you take the role of the female protagonist for once instead of the male protagonist, and you are not the damsel in distress.Instead, the heroine is the smart alchemist that solves people’s problems with her alchemy, and still looks absolutely cute doing so.

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Playing it is almost like watching a coming-of-age movie, but with a female lead, and it would definitely resonate with your heart as a fellow female!