An error in updating your system has occurred 2016

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yeah it’s true SB won’t help because there is really nothing wrong with the App.. Today, I had some time on my hands, and decided to investigate the problem, and found your post. But the best part about calling them frequently is that they would load up your Starbucks for a free Frap.. It has been a frustrating few weeks and after trying every update and “fix” under the sun… I NEVER would have thought to look in these settings.

Oh trust me, I’ve tackled this issue for like forever.

******************************************************************************** If you have any other issues or concerns, please feel free to call them Starbucks : 18007827282 Or contact me, I could try to help you out. My last conversation with Starbucks stated that they’ve stopped supporting anything below the Samsung Galaxy S4. Double Check and make sure that the time is truly correct, Turn of Automatic Date and Time, and Turn it Back On Again…

I’ve been having the same problem since mid March on my Samsung Rugby Pro (basically a rugged S3). What I do know is that there is absolutely zero chance of you or me getting to the developers to ask the question.

I reinstalled the app, there was an update yesterday I installed. Tried your fix, all excited, but it still doesn’t work. So same basic questions are all your Apps up to date? But if your issue is truly “A System Error Has Occurred…” then the main issue is truly the phone…

However included in the middle of these recommendations was the statement “As a matter of best practice, we encourage Starbucks Rewards members to change their passwords often…” and extensive description of the requirements. HOWEVER, I only changed password for my wife’s account and yet my account now works also!!! Sorry for the long message but I’m hoping the full description helps others.

Their response was swift and included these same suggestions.

So I resorted to reporting the problem to Starbucks CS.

I’m not frustrated, I was just more interested in getting the fix so that I could have uploaded it here for others to see. Such a simple fix if you know what you’redoing that is. 😉 Now if only I could figure out how to get my laptop to check for Windows updates again! This would be the only route that I can see that would be your next step. so please do take advantage of this while you are in the situation.

Below are details of what I had to go through with the Starbucks Team. recently same kind of “authentication problem” happens to other app too ( such as Shoppers Drug Mart app). I am getting exactly the same error which is mentioned in this post and have tried all the suggested workarounds, however my starbucks app is still giving the same error. Based on the article I wrote, I have pretty much tried every step possible to get this type of issue fixed. it’s basically got something to do with the time of your phone vs the time of Starbucks Servers.

Hopefully this isn’t to discourage you from calling them they are very friendly almost every one of them and if you are lucky, customer service may even offer you a few cups of coffee along the way. If you can’t get this to work there is only one route at the moment that I believe should get it fixed.

After logging out a couple of times during a day because I was checking two accounts (mine and my wife’s), the logins began to fail giving the “System error has occurred …” message. After a few attempts, “…try[ing] again later…”, I began to research.

Did not notice until I got home that my app was not updating the amount on my card then all hell broke loose! Couldn’t figure out why the heck I couldn’t login it took me days! So finally, I googled it and came across this page and followed the instructions and it worked! I found this on the Starbucks site for a blank screen, but it also worked for the “system error has occurred. : / If you are running Android 7 (Nougat) or greater: · Please go to Google Playstore I just experienced a similar problem but with a different result.

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A did see a forum user offer this fix along my way but I brushed it off because of what I was convinced the issue was. They certainly gave me quite a few to quench my thirst with.

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