Absurd developments in dating technology

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Absurd developments in dating technology

In a recent essay, I sketched out the core tenets of a dynamist, rational optimist worldview, arguing that we: Applying that vision, the contributors here through the years have unabashedly defended a pro-growth, pro-progress, pro-freedom vision, but they have also rejected techno-utopianism or gadget-worship of any sort.

Rational optimists are anti-utopians, in fact, because they understand that hard problems can only be solved through ongoing trial and error, not wishful thinking or top-down central planning.

The Technology Liberation Front just marked its 15th year in existence. (I’ve only been writing at TLF since 2012 so I’m still the new guy.) Everything from Bitcoin to net neutrality to long-form pieces about technology and society were featured and debated here years before these topics hit the political mainstream. by Jerry Brito, October 2013 has finally run a profile of the cryptocurrency in its “paper of record” pages.

Thank you to our contributors and our regular readers. In addition, TIME’s cover story this week is about the “deep web” and how Tor and Bitcoin facilitate it.

To claim that copyright policy strikes a “delicate balance” commits not only legal fiction; it aids and abets a statutory tragedy.

The Copyright Act does reflect compromises struck between the various parties that lobby congress and the administration for changes to federal law.

A truce among special interests does not and cannot delicately balance all the interests affected by copyright law, however.

The photography business is weird because even though customers typically pay hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars up front to have photos taken at their weddings, the copyright in the photographs is typically retained by the photographer, and customers have to go hat in hand to the photographer and pay still more money for the privilege of getting copies of their photographs. Bitcoin is better thought of as a payments system, or as a distributed ledger, that (for technical reasons) happens to use a new currency called the bitcoin as the unit of account. This regulatory tsunami could not come at a worse time, of course, since an attack on advertising is tantamount to an attack on media itself, and media is at a critical point of technological change. Embracing this new technology, they fear, will result in the overthrow of traditions, beliefs, values, institutions, business models, and much else they hold sacred.

As Tim Lee has pointed out, Bitcoin is therefore a platform for innovation, and it is this potential that makes it so valuable. As we have pointed out repeatedly, the Reverse engineering the CSS encryption scheme, by itself, isn’t an especially innovative activity. Picker is missing is how important such reverse engineering can be as a pre-condition for subsequent innovation. The pollyannas, by contrast, look out at the unfolding landscape and see mostly rainbows in the air.

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I thought to myself, what sort of technology did I have at my disposal exactly 10 years ago today, on February 1st, 1999? Many TLF contributors have moved on to start other blogs or write for other publications.

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